DIVERSITY KIDS (An Animated Children’s Series)

At a very unique boarding school that focuses on education and the arts, a group of arriving students band together through their differences, both culturally and racially.

DIVERSITY KIDS is an educational and entertaining animated series developed for children ages 7 through 12. In a world that more often than not emphasizes diversity as something to overcome, our show celebrates diversity in all its shapes and sizes. Through the EYES OF CHILDREN – unjaded by adult preconceptions and biases – we learn about different cultures and see the inherent beauty in each of them.

The world is a beautiful place with a whole range of beliefs, customs, food, ideas and ways of living. Like the series SAVED BY THE BELL – about the exploits of a multi-cultural group of teen friends navigating school life – “Diversity Kids” will follow in that tradition for a younger generation that kids throughout the globe will be able to enjoy. It is also a HUMOROUS and FUN exploration of the world we all live in.

We the Future!

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