D.I.M.E.S (Diversity in Media, Entertainment, Sport) is a corporate “Diversity & Inclusion” training program designed and created by The P.A.S.C.A.L. Foundation to empower media, sport and entertainment companies and organizations on how to understand, operate and transition into a truly inclusive and diverse work environment without deriving from any of the company’s core values or mission, making career growth in our industries a reality for all people regardless of their ethnicity, social standing religious beliefs, sexuality or age.

It is imperative to The P.A.S.C.A.L. Foundation that after we prepare and provide our “P.A.S.C.A.L kids and youth in need with the right tools and resources to flourish in the word of entertainment, sport and media that we also send them into an inclusive and diverse industry.

So In wake of the current (George Floyd/Anti-Discrimination) protests and focus on discrimination in the media taking place in the Netherlands, The P.A.S.C.A.L. Foundation via its D.I.M.E.S “Diversity & Inclusion” training program is currently reaching outto several National/International companies and organizations in the Netherlands for Lectures and Workshops in hopes to eradicate discrimination and add inclusion in to our wonderful industry.

Each company or organization who successfully completes the D.I.M.E.S “Diversity & Inclusion” training program/pledge, to make their company at least 20% inclusive and diverse on “all levels” in the company within 12 months will be awarded the official D.I.M.E.S certification.

Each year D.I.M.E.S will host The D.I.M.E.S Awards releasing “The D.I.M.E.S 100” a publication spotlighting 100 companies in The Netherlands who have all reached, maintain or exceeded the D.I.M.E.S 20% corporate Diversity & Inclusion pledge.

During the awards we will also be honoring the D.I.M.E.S “Power 10” a group of 10 executives or individuals who have gone above and beyond the D.I.M.E.S pledge to make sure their company or our industry keeps growing towards a more diverse and inclusive future for all.

If you a company or organization who would like more info on how you can become a recipient of the D.I.M.E.S “Diversity & Inclusion” training programplease contact:

If would like to become a partner, ambassador or volunteer please contact: